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CMR Serie MRH II / E

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The MRH II series equipment has been designed for bone, abdomen, chest, etc., radiography applications.

Their robust structure ensures a reliable operation in high demand environments. The board, resistant and of low attenuation, has movement in the four directions. They are provided with Bucky sensors in the table and Wall support. The floor-supporting column and frontal control panels allow an easy positioning.

For their compact design, they can be installed in reduced spaces keeping the value of the initial investment with minimum pre-installation requirements.

They can easily be adapted from analogue to digital devices keeping the value of their original investment in the event that a system upgrading is required.

The MRH II systems are available in fixed height (MRH II) or with variable height (MRH II E).


The technology applied in the MRH II systems includes:
o High frequency generator of 32/50 kW of power incorporated in a compact cabinet.
o Alternative power supply through 127 VAC batteries.
o Table with low attenuation board. Choice between fixed or adjustable height, better flexibility during the study.
o Balanced tube tube column with electromagnetic brakes, manual movement and front control for efficient positioning.
o Automatic alignment option (Auto-tracking).
o A state-of-the-art solid-state detector is used when incorporating the digital functions.
o Touch screen flat console, with advanced post-processing functions, such as brightness, contrast, distance measurements, areas, angles,         cardiothoracic index, Cobb angle, mechanical axis, among others.


Clinical Benefits

  • Clinical flexibility to handle general radiographic requirements.
  • Excellent image quality and minimum radiation dosage for diagnosis security.
Ángulo de Cobb
Eje mecánico
Índice cardiotorácico
Medición Férguson

Patient Benefits

  • Reduction of applied doses.
  • Patient's, receptor and radiogenic transmitter simple, comfortable and effective positioning.

User Benefits

  • Their use simplicity increases productivity.
  • Their robust and strong design allows handling high working loads.

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