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Samsung SonoAce R7

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With its innovative, ergonomic and ultra compact design, Samsung Medison SonoAce R7 increases efficiency by providing a friendly interface.
It has outstanding performance 2D image, high sensitivity Pulsed Wave Doppler, Color Doppler technology and 3D / 4D diagnosis.
Redefining how to meet the essential needs of users, the SonoAce R7 has a height adjustment on the control panel of simple use, backlit keyboard, lightweight and compact design.


The technology used in the SonoAce R7 system includes:

  • e-Motion Maker™: Shows the direction of the beam transducer on the screen, providing reference information to assist in the diagnosis.

  • ElastoScan ™: A technique for imaging ultrasound diagnosis of elasticity, it detects the presence of a solid mass in tissue stiffness and converts to color images.

  • Strain: Displays quantitatively cardiac motion using motion vectors and cardiac dyssynchrony diagnostics, creating a more intuitive diagnosis.



  • Stress Echo (stress echocardiography): Provides a set of tools for pharmacological stress echocardiography, diastolic stress echocardiography and exercise stress echocardiography. This functions are programmable to give a streamlined workflow adapted to your needs.

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3D XI +
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Auto IMT+

Technical Characteristics


Clinical Benefits


The effective use of a very wide dynamic range, combined with sophisticated image processing functions such as SCI ™, DMR + ™ ensures a SonoAce R7 consistent images with high resolution.

  • DPDI
  • DMR + ™
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Multiple beam processing
  • SCI ™ (Space Image Composite)
  • FSI ™ (Full Spectrum image)
  • SRF ™ (Noise Reduction Filter)



Samsung incorporates advanced features such as ElastoScan ™, 3D XI ™ and e-Motion Maker ™ ensure easy detection of lesions, thus maintaining diagnostic confidence.

  • ElastoScan ™
  • 3D XI ™
  • Strain
  • Stress Echo
  • e-Motion Maker ™
  • Panoramic


The SonoAce R7 contains an advanced 2D recognition, QuickScan ™ and  Auto IMT + ™,  optimizing the workflow with a  touch of a button.

  • QuickScan ™
  • Auto IMT + ™: Automatic measurement of the intima-media thickness of the carotid artery, which provides very useful function: medium / maximum, standard deviation, quality index with a touch of a button.
  • Keystone View
Labio leporino en 3D
Columna vertebral fetal 3D
Doppler U.A. (ampliada)
Imagen Doppler de la arteria carótida
Imagen vaginal de los folículos del ovario
Tegurgitación trivial
Perfil fetal a las 22 semanas
Circulación  de la sangre fetal
Cerebro fetal en Multi Slice ViewTM
Nódulo tiroideo de la imagen DPDI
Corazón adulto con PulseWave TDI

Patient Benefits

  • It provides a better diagnosis in less than the estimated time.




R7 doctor

User Benefits

  • Ultra compact and ergonomic design: thanks to its lightweight, it provides high mobility.

  • The control panel can be configured by the user to the desired height.

  • LED panel lights in dark environments.

  • Friendly interface and customizable menu.



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Pantalla de 17 pulgadas
Menú personalizable
Diagnóstico preciso

Accessories and Options


  • Volumetric

  • Linear

  • Convex

  • Endocavity



Transductor Convexo Volumetrico
Transductor Convexo
Transductor Endovaginal
Transductor Lienal