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Samsung RS85



The RS80A is the premium Samsung Medison  ultrasound focused on radiologists; it comes with premium quality  image for reliable diagnosis.

The RS80A offers sophisticated digital image processing to meet the needs of today's changing healthcare environment .

It has a retractable touchscreen 13.3-inch LED type and 23-inch LED monitor type .


The RS80A technology includes:

  • S-Vision beam former: Designed for optimizing signal transmission and reception, with excellent image quality and contrast resolution. It eliminates artifact noise, offering clear, detailed, uniform tissue resolution.

  • S-Vue:Single crystal convex transducer, for wider bandwidth and higher sensitivity.

  • S-Detect™ for breasts:  The S-Detect™ uses a Breast Imaging and Data Notification System (BI-RAD®) for a more standardized analysis, and classification of suspicious lesions. It defines the lesion limits to improve workflow, increasing the diagnostic confidence.

  • E-Breast™ (ElastoScan™ for breasts): The E-Breast technology automatically estimates the tension ratio between the target area and the surrounding tissues; it reduces la chance of error if the surrounding tissue is not manually selected.

  • E-Thyroid™ (ElastoScan™ for the thyroid gland): The E-Thyroid™ technology offers a more objective evaluation of thyroid lesions, incorporating a useful index for the suspicious area. Images are generated by the pulsing of the adjacent carotid artery, thus eliminating the need for manually compressing the transducer to get better consistency.

  • Clear Track: Offers a wider view of the needle path; the needle sensor shows the needle path in real time, increasing the user’s confidence and precision.

  • Low-MI: Is a technology that uses contrast resolution for echography. These technology processes reflect the signals from contrast agents, which are stimulated by certain US impulses, producing a sonogram with the increase in contrast.

  • Realistic Vue™: Shows a high-resolution 3D anatomical view with exceptional detail levels and highly realistic. 


Clinical Benefits

  • The RS80A offers sophisticated digital image processing to keep pace with the changes in the current healthcare field.



Patient Benefits

  • The RS80A increases reliability, with accurate results, using advanced technologies developed by Samsung, while improving the user’s comfort and creating an efficient working.



User Benefits

  • The RS80A premium performance allow users to get a better view of the scanned area.

  • The improved technology of contrast agents and the comprehensive 3D suite of the RS80A offer clear and realistic images.

  • Great ergonomics: the RS80A has an adjustable control panel, with 6 settings that optimize work, and reduce repetitive stress. 



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