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Samsung HS60

HM70A 1
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HM70A 1
HM70A 2
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HM70A 4
HM70A Equipo
HM70A Lateral


The new UGEO HM70A combines state-of the-art advanced image technology in a compact hardware. 

The new UGEO HM70A is the perfect choice for doctors and ultrasound technicians looking for clinical excellence and patient attention anywhere.It assists greatly in making ultrasound exams and ultrasound-guided procedures, more accurate and efficient with easy-to-use features. 

This device of Samsung Medison offers versatile portability through its slim and compact design with a 15.1” LED screen.


The UGEO HM70A includes the following technology:

  • Full-screen mode: The UGEO HM70A allows users enlarging images to fill the whole screen with just a touch

  • AutoIMT™: This software allows automatically measuring the intima-media.

  • SDMR™: This software provides magnetic resonance quality images, it virtually eliminates unwanted speckle noise. 

  • Needle Mate™:  This software outlines the needle position during interventions such as nerve blockage or vascular access such as central venous catheter placement.

  • HD ADVR™: This software allows recording the whole ultrasound study in real-time and high definition.

  • S-Flow™: A color doppler technology with greater sensitivity, it helps to detect even small peripheral blood vessels, generating an accurate diagnosis, specially when blood flow analysis is difficult.

  • ElastoScan™: This software is used for diagnostic ultrasound elasticity, detects the presence of a solid mass in tissues making the rigid part in color images.

  • HDVI™: This feature helps to display edges and small planes rebuilt in 3D structures. The HDVI™ (High Definition Volume Image) quickly renders outstanding images at the touch of a button.

Hybrid Beamforming Engine
Needle Mate


Clinical Benefits

The UGEO HM70A provides high quality images, key feature for doctors who use ultrasound diagnosis in clinical enviroment. 

This is a portable ultrasound with specialized softwares, which allows a wider range of studies and obtains faster and more reliable results, simplifying the workflow. 



Tiroides con SDMR
Lesión de mama con SDMR
Abdomen con DPDI
Lesión de tiroides con Doppler
Lesión de mama con ElastoScan
Abdomen con Doppler
Corazón de adulto con Doppler Color
CCA con Doppler Color y espectral
Auto IMT

Patient Benefits

The UGEO HM70A has a cutting-edge technology which can process data more quickly and accurately, generating a more detailed scanning with higher energy production.



User Benefits

The UGEO HM70A simplifies the workflow with its variety of features; the users easily carried measurement processes with a touch of a botton without having to go through complex processes. By reducing the time of examination in the patient, it increases the clinical efficacy saving time to concetrate when seeking solutions to difficult cases maintaining an optimum productivity. 

The SSD technology enables to turn on in 60 seconds from off mode and 10 to 20 seconds from sleep mode.Users can program the system to wake up the computer by opening the lid or pressing the power button.

The UGEO HM70A is designed for the convenience of users, adapting to different needs with exceptional ergonomics, high mobility and expandability. 



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