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Planmed Planmed Verity®

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Verity is an innovative scanner specifically designed for limbs.

Impeccable image quality for bone structures in the patient´s limbs.


The technology applied in the Verity equipment includes the following:

  • ­­Computerized conic beam tomography (CBCT) with direct digital sensor providing excellent contrast and high resolution for bon structures
  • Superior resolution for soft tissue in conventional radiology
  • 3D and multiplanar volumetric reconstruction

Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 76x184x160cm
  • Either mobile or fixed confi guration
  • Joystick controlled gantry height and tilt
  • TearDrop™ shaped bore
  • Plugs into a standard electric outlet
  • Integrated workstation with touch screen
  • Soft, selectable upholstery color


Clinical Benefits

  • New application for maxillofacial imaging. It allows making of the jaw, dental, maxillofacial, paranasal sinuses, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), ocular orbit and airways.
  • Joint reliable diagnosis (wrist, elbow, knee, ankle)
  • Trauma diagnosis and tracking degenerative diseases.
  • Bigger image contrast (ligament rupture and wearing) 
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Patient Benefits

  • Low radiation doses.
  • It adapts itself easily to patient's needs.
  • Motorized tilting and vertical movements.
  • Gantry provided with cover making the patient comfortable and relaxed.

User Benefits

  • Compact, mobile, and easy to position design.
  • Easy to install without the need of an additional workstation.
  • It does not require external temperature control.
  • It has both mobile and fixed bases l.
  • Friendly touchscreen software.
  • DICOM (HIS/RIS) connectivity.
  • For orthopedics clinics, emergencies, surgery or trauma.
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Accessories and Options


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Upholstery available in six different colors! 

Sanitary Registration

Registration No. 1360E2013SSA