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Technix TMS320

TMS 320
TMS 320


The TMS300 system is a portable radiographic unit to meet a wide range of clinical applications.

Its compact shape and maneuverability allow the quick and easy displacement of the unit through small rooms, doors, corridors and accessories.

This feature allows the precise displacement between obstacles, closed curves and patient beds.


The technology applied in the TMS300 system includes the following:

  • Optimum technology providing images of great quality without resolution issues and generating a reduced ray exposition
  • Microprocessor controlling settings for the correct exposition and problem reduction in every shot
  • Available on static arm or rotating arm +/- 90º to be used without problems


Clinical Benefits

  • Thanks to its flexibility and its 30 kW power, it allows studying the chest, spine, pelvis, joints, upper and lower limbs, abdomen, etc.

Patient Benefits

  • Comfort and convenience.
  • Higher quality images.

User Benefits

  • Its ergonomic design provides the operator with an excellent visibility during transportation and operations to perform.

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