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Technix TMB320



The TMB 320 mobile system is designed to cover all the needs of radiographic studies for the bedridden patient. It is easy to transport motorized which makes it ideal in the intensive care, emergency room, operating room, pediatric department or in the post-operative recovery room.


320 mA high frequency X-ray generator.

Microprocessor that controls exposure parameters.

Telescopic and rotating arm +/- 320 ° for easy positioning.

Motorized movement.

Battery assisted shooting.



Excellent image quality with optimal dose.

Anatomical programmer for a correct selection of the radiographic technique.

The TMB320 in digital version, has an acquisition console that provides an advanced post-processing program that includes: measurement of distances, angles, cardiothoracic index, Cobb angle, texts, reporting, CD recording with DICOM viewer, Among other tools.

Patient Benefits

Its easy maneuverability allows the system to be used in bedridden patients or in wheelchairs.

Accessories and Options

Optional Accessories

Wireless trigger.

Wireless digital detector 14 "X17".