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CMR HIS Data System

his circle
his circle


HIS is an innovative and robust system data electronic system efficiently designed to manage hospital operational areas.

Its purpose is to improve experience and patient´s attention in connection to health services.

It records all the events connected to patient´s care in the administrative and medical areas. 

HIS Circle


The technology applied in the HIS system includes the following:

  • Intelligent system provided with metric and reference values displaying alarms and notices to support decisions during diagnosis and treatment
  • A hospital system integrating, in an intelligent and modular manner, the processes of a health center.


Clinical Benefits

  • User access to specific modules.
  • Administration of module reading and writing permits.
  • It allows the integral management of all services, helping to have all medical and administrative information of a patient in a centralized and accessible manner.


Patient Benefits

  • Improves patient´s experience and care.

User Benefits

  • It optimizes hospital resources and processes, providing a quick business reorganization and reorientation.
  • It complies with NOM-004-SSA3-2012 and NOM-024-SSA3-2012 Mexican norms on electronic clinical records.
  • Pre-loaded with normalized catalogues to make the system implementation easier.