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CMR Serie MRF 90T

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mrf 90t
mrf 90 t 2
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The MRF 90T system series has been designed for a wide range of radiology and fluoroscopy studies.

They have a high image quality in the analogue and digital versions; the latter has also an image intensifier, dynamic 43 x 43 cm flat panel.

The operating console with a remote control allows controlling movement and board features, the tube holder column, board tilting, image intensifier, radiography, fluoroscopy, room lights, etc.


The technology applied to the MRF 90T systems includes the following:

  • 50, 60 u 80 kW high-frequency X-ray generator. .
  • Touchscreen generator control console with anatomic controller.
  • The digital version is provided with an image intensifier and a 1000 x 1000 pixel CCD camera.
  • Optional: real-time digital fluoroscopic image extraction for angiography studies.


Clinical Benefits

  • High-quality image in its linear features with three cutting angles.
  • Automatic exposure control to reduce radiation dose and to obtain an excellent image quality.
  • The digital version is also provided with some additional benefits as:
    • High image resolution for a more precise diagnosis.
    • Larger field of vision. The MRF 90T systems allow displaying the entire abdomen or the urinary tract.
    • Reduction in the number of films necessary to make a diagnosis.
    • Real-time swallowing in contrast studies.
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Patient Benefits

  • Lower patient radiation dose and exposure time reduction.
  • Minimum manipulation in polytraumatized patients.
  • The possibility of making stable standing and prone studies without changing patient´s posture.
  • Optimum patient attention avoiding making him uncomfortable during the studies. The MRF 90T systems adapt themselves to his needs
  • Study time reduction so that the patient remains in the room the shortest time possible.

User Benefits

  • 90°/-90° tilting allows installing the system in any room physical distribution, reducing pre-installation expenses.
  • Ideal construction to perform in the most demanding environments due to its strong designs and packaging.
  • Productive and accessible equipment.